The Spectrums

An illustration titled, The Spectrums, by A.C. Evans for Embracing our Diversity

The Spectrums

Digital Illustration

The Spectrums is a project created to celebrating diversity for the 2022 Embracing our Differences International Art Exhibit.

I started the project by trying to answer the question, “How would one symbolically combine the concepts of embracing and enrichment with diversity?”.

I felt that it was important to explore not only the physical act of hugging (embracing) but also the mental energy required to accept (embrace) differences of opinion, culture and perspective.

The theme “Embracing Diversity” means to physically, mentally and emotionally open yourself up to differences. Despite conventional thinking, our diverse cultures and ideas actually thrive within spaces of conflict. Without new challenges, stimuli and environments, our ideas eventually become stagnant, restrictive and ultimately divisive.

It’s not a zero-sum equation. It’s not an either/or proposition. It is possible to love, promote and support your culture and still save room to respect others. It is possible to actively promote your worldview and still allow real estate for others to promote theirs. Art has an uncanny ability to transport people to alternate perspectives, and through this project I hope we all can embrace the opportunity to learn, grow and evolve.


Source images of illustrations for final design, The Spectrums
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