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In honor of the career and life of DMX, I created this portrait in memoriam. Below we feature the full set from Woodstock 99′, some say this performance embodied the full spirit of the mercurial comet that was Earl Simmons. Rest in Power.


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New media artist Yung Jake, has an amazing understanding of how technology is used to create, curate and disseminate culture. He put together an emoji palette app allowing users to “paint” and “draw” with emojis. Inspired by some portraits Yung Jake created, I gave the emoji palette a try and began my own collection.  So far I’ve created portraits of DMX, Nipsey Hussle, Kanye West, and Comedian Bill Cosby.

Emoji Art, Emoji Portraits, Dennis Rodman, A.C. Evans, Art, Digital Design
Emoji Portraits, Yung Jake, Nipsey Hussle, Nipsey Hussel, A.C. Evans Art, A.C. Evans Design
Bill Cosby, Pill Cosby, A.C. Evans Design, A.C. Evans Art, Illustration
A.C. Evans Art, A.C. Evans Design, Yung Jake, Kanye West, MAGA, AC Evans, A.C. Evans


A.C. Evans Art, A.C. Evans Design, Yung Jake, Emoji Art, AC Evans, A.C. Evans, Kanye West, MAGA
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