The Possibility of Anything

October 26, 2018Blog
Music is the space between the notes.  Claude Debussy Silence, the space between notes is the sound of all sounds, just as Space, or emptiness is the possibility of all things. When considering a work of Art, the inherent success of the object is often based not in how well the subject matter is rendered [...]

Masks, Media and Music: Cultural Influence and the Process of Curation

July 3, 2018Blog
by A.C. Evans Afrofuturism, a term coined in 1993, is a deep creative tradition that explores the projection of black futures as a response to issues and challenges faced by members of the African Diaspora. The current political climate and the rise of automated technology have given this particular historical moment a certain sense of [...]

Lex Rex

December 1, 2017Blog
by David Pagel Christian Rex van Minnen makes icons for an age whose virtues have curdled. The scariest part of his gut-punch paintings, watercolors and monotypes at Richard Heller Gallery in Santa Monica is that that age is ours. The viciousness that lurks ever closer to the surface of everyday reality — and poisons the [...]