Linefield, A.C. Evans Curator, A.C. Evans Design

November 2 -13
Brooklyn, Beauty and Fashion Labo
300 7th St. Brooklyn

Linefield was a group exhibition that explored how Artists make creative use of a fundamental artistic element --- the line. The work consisted of abstract organic forms, collage, geometric shapes, letterforms, glyphs, flags and maps. Our exhibition made original commentary on the perception of space, the structure of language, the design of symbols and the material of dreams.

Meet the Artists

Ai Campbell, Crossing, Linefield, A.C. Evans, Curator

Ai Campbell

Ai Campbell has been fascinated with detailed monochromatic works since the first time she saw the beautiful landscape drawings of her grandfather, a successful industrial designer. Campbell works in explosive contrast, on black and white spaces that feature biomorphic organic shapes and natural forms made by chance encounters. An obsession with organic imagery has become the central theme of Campbell’s work. She engages and combines the most basic elements of life to build or extract the most complex.

Edrian Colina

Edrian Colina is a graphic designer, artist, photographer, filmmaker and father based out of Brooklyn, NY. Born and raised in Oakland, he was exposed to a rich and diverse world of art and culture that ignited his creative spirit. The son of Venezuelan immigrants who embraced the progressive vibes rampant in the Bay Area in the 70s, Colina’s parents nourished and encouraged his creativity from a young age. After taking an 8 year hiatus from painting, Colina found inspiration by channeling his personal frustration with the current political state of the US, Venezuela, as well as the world at large.

Zion Decouteau, Map of Royal Port, AC Evans, curator, linefield

Zion Decouteau

Zion Decouteau is a native of Brooklyn, New York. He is a current college student and journalist. His longtime interest in maps and his appreciation for the city of New York have inspired his cartography modeled artwork.

Linefield, A.C. Evans Curator, A.C. Evans Design, Dave Eppley

Dave Eppley

Space is the key component of Dave Eppley’s work. Space is his canvas and his ground for personal archeology. Eppley’s work is an attempt to draw out the intricacies of space so that he may find its underlying connections. His chosen medium is sign vinyl, an industrial tape, that has a high bond and comes in different colors. Once adhered, sign vinyl behaves like paint, usurping the texture and tactility of whatever it has been stuck to. Therefore, applying tape to any surface is an act of defining space, creating form and refining sculpture.

Linefield, A.C. Evans Curator, A.C. Evans Design, Mayuko Fujino

Mayuko Fujino

Mayuko Fujino is a self-taught papercut/collage artist from Tokyo currently based in New York City. Inspired by Japanese traditional stencil textile designs, Fujino makes intricate dual-layered papercut collages that aim to replicate the structure of dreams. The front layer represents fantastical narratives and emotions stemming from the subconscious mind, often taking the form of animals, spirits and monsters. The rear layer, mostly obscured by the front layer, makes use of magazine pages and found objects, which represent the conscious reality of our waking mind.

Linefield, A.C. Evans Curator, A.C. Evans Design, Doug Spearman

Douglas Spearman

-Resulted from an ancient explosion

-Works with anything that holds his interest

-Has always been fascinated with trash

-Is currently making art with leftover vinyl graphemes from a sign shop

-Wonders how influential the aesthetic of western written language is upon the subconscious

-Realizes there is no form without space and vice versa

-Will list some major influences on this thought train for your further research: Geography, Square Wave Tremelo, Parmenides, Jan Tscichold, Gertrude Stein, Brion Gysin, William Burroughs, Marshall McLuhan, Rammellzee, Humans


Brooklyn Beauty and Fashion Labo

300 7th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11215

Linefield, A.C. Evans Curator, A.C. Evans Design


Daily Gallery Hours: 11am-7pm

Special Events:

Friday November 2

5pm-7pm | Opening Reception

Saturday November 3

11:30am-2:30pm | Linefield is for the Kids!

On Saturday morning, November 3, from 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM, the gallery was made available to parents with children between the ages of 2yrs – 12yrs for a special children’s tour and Design Gym. Children were given a curator led tour through the exhibition, followed by an activity time where children will be allowed to create, display and discuss their works of Art. Using examples from the exhibition, attention was given to understanding and using, line, form and space to create works of Art.

Tour + Materials + Snacks + Coffee | Suggested Donation: $20

Tuesday November 6

11am-7pm | Linefield is for Voters

On Election Day, Tuesday November 6, the gallery space was open for all concerned members of this Democratic Experiment known as the United States of America. Visitors came by, showed us their "I Voted" sticker, stand on a soap box and profess any criticisms but also any solutions for the current Democratic system or present U.S. Administration. It was a great opportunity for venting, discussion and community solution building.

Friday November 9

5pm-7pm | Artist's Reception

Sunday November 11

4pm-6pm | Artist's Presentations + Discussions

On Sunday, November 11, from 4 PM until 6 PM participating artists gave ten-minute presentations about the foundational concepts of their practice. After the presentations, we held an open public discussion around the line, a primary element in Art. The discussion explored the role primary elements such as line, form and space play in the development of more complex and intricate works of Art.

All pictoral forms begin with the point that sets itself in motion. The point moves and the line comes into being--the first dimension.
-Paul Klee